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Operational, technological, and financial solutions that bridge the gap between your business landscape today, and your business goals for tomorrow.


Accounting & Assurance

Accounting, finance, and reporting bench-strength ensure compliance with all reporting obligations alongside the ongoing mitigation of risk from internal control threats.


Tax-saving strategies designed to preserve the most cash-flow while meeting your company and individual objectives.

Accounting and finance practice advisory

MCG provides various transactional and advisory services—including CFO and advisory services, audit coordination, accounting, systems consulting/integrations, talent optimization, and many special projects—to businesses across a wide spectrum of industries.

32-Item Year-End Close Checklist

A great way to make a wonderful start to 2020 is to wrap up 2019 feeling organized and on top of the world. Here’s a checklist of items that you can start on now to make your year-end close go smoother than ever before.

How AI Is Changing Accounting

Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived in the accounting profession in a big way. The good news is it’s streamlining accounting tasks, finding patterns in data you can take action on, and generally making things better. Here are just a few places AI impacts accounting.

Understanding Cost of Goods Sold

Cost of Goods Sold is an account in your Chart of Accounts that is a very special type of expense. It is the amount of direct costs of items that were sold by the company. It is related to inventory, and it helps to see the flow of transactions to understand the big picture.

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  • 5 Metrics to Measure for Peak Performance
    Whether it’s cloud-based solutions or predictive analytics, technology is helping firms today enhance their performance outcomes in five key ways: Agility, efficiency, growth, profitability and transformation. In Wolters Kluwer’s 2019 survey of tax and accounting professionals, we found that technology has helped firms the most within the areas of profitability and efficiency, but it is […]
  • Reg. BI’s 401(k) Rollover Obligations
    The SEC’s new Regulation Best Interest (“Reg. BI”) imposes a set of obligations on broker-dealers when giving advice to retail customers.  Reg. BI in part targets transactions involving 401(k) rollovers into an IRA.    These tend to be one-shot transactions where the interests of the broker-dealer do not necessarily coincide with the long-term interests of their customers. What exactly does Reg. BI require of broker-dealers in the rollover context?  And aside from […]
  • Wolters Kluwer’s Continuing Audit Education Adds Value
    The value of continuing audit education from the School of Audit During the first few months of each year our lives go on hold as we take care of our clients needs.  As auditors, we understand that. However, if you think that your employees are too busy to care about continuing audit education, think again. […]

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